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1st Quarter, sneak-peek

SUNDAY   JAN 19, 2020   2pm - 4pm

Originally from New York, accomplished singer/songwriter/guitarist Dean Johanesen plays acoustic guitar-driven fare with a sonic palette that calls on Spanish rumba-style instrumentals, speakeasy-era Americana, and swinging hot club jazz dosed in circus tent hues. n 2013, Johanesen released his first solo record with intentions of getting back to the importance of the storyteller songwriting format while a recent passion for gypsy jazz music in the vein of Django Reinhardt has put Johanesen on a musical path with a focus on new stories of old times. Non fictional characters from the '20s and '30s, circus performers, the side show, prohibition, the war of currents all placed in a backdrop of gypsy swing, in a style that Dean has coined Circus Swing in an effort to give due respect to the difference in his style compared to the masters of Gypsy Jazz and American Swing.                                  http://www.deanjohanesen.com

SUNDAY   FEB 16, 2020    2pm - 4pm

Billy Buchanan, Entertainer, Songwriter, Educator, has a deep musical heritage. Digging into his father's LPs at a very young age, he became a disciple of all the soul, blues, and rock trailblazers. Not only does this gritty song and dance man belt out the classics like nobody’s business, he is an exceptional, award winning songwriter. In his original music, you can hear the backbeat rhythms and musical influences of all the artists he admires. As an award winning recording artist, he’s released seven albums, producing all of his solo albums, as a solo artist  He’s had three Top 20 songs on the CCM charts and has performed in all 50 states and in 26 countries. And if all of this wasn't enough, Billy also does spot on impersonator tributes of Ray Charles, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Sam Cooke, and many more artists from the 50's and 60's.                     https://www.billybuchanan.org/

SUNDAY   MAR 15, 2020    2pm - 4pm

Riely OConnor & Molly B. Moon call both South Bend, Indiana and Apalachicola, Florida home, but they are very much “at home” on stages all over the Midwest, South and West. At each performance, they give the audience their unique blend of category-defying original songs. These originals are known for their powerful themes, insightful lyrics and wonderful melodies. From touching ballad to swinging blues, each song is imbued with wit and insight. On stage Riely & Molly deliver the goods with energy and dynamic stage presence. 
Molly & Riely’s 2009 CD Who Knows When was included in “Best Albums of 2009” by NPR affiliate 88.1 WVPE’s popular radio program The Back Porch. A new album is in the works and their brand new song Apalachicola Bound was just released in May.                                                                      www.reverbnation.com/rielyoconnor

The work you do over in High Springs is seriously what allows musicians to find lives in music. I think the industry needs more people who truly love what they do, because it shows ”

— Matthew Fowler

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